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Pennsylvania-based Robindale Energy joins MCPA

Grundy, Va.; Charleston, W.Va.; and Latrobe, Pa.: The Metallurgical Coal Producers Association (MCPA) announced today that Robindale Energy, a Pennsylvania-based metallurgical coal producer, has joined the association. Robindale’s Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, D. Scott Kroh, will serve on the MCPA board of directors. Robindale joins founding members Alpha Metallurgical Resources, Coronado Global, United Coal (a subsidiary of Metinvest) and Ramaco Resources as the fifth producing member.

“We welcome Robindale to the Metallurgical Coal Producers Association,” said Ben Beakes, president of the association. “More producers are seeing the value in the association’s mission to promote metallurgical coal, or steel-making coal. With the addition of Robindale, our members represent nearly 43% of the nation’s total metallurgical coal production.”

“After learning about the MCPA’s focus in promoting metallurgical coal used to make steel, our team at Robindale wanted to be part of the effort,” said Kroh. “This association has embarked on an effort to help policymakers and the public view coal with a different lens. We want to help folks understand that metallurgical coal (met coal) is in our everyday lives, like bridges, automobiles, appliances, and many other products made with steel. We cannot progress as a country without steel, and you can’t make steel without metallurgical coal.”

Since its inception in September 2020, over 100 companies have joined the association as associate members. “Momentum is growing for our effort,” said Beakes. “We are laser focused on spreading the news that metallurgical coal can have a major impact in the future. With our nation’s leaders focused on critical infrastructure upgrades, we will make sure the public and policymakers understand that met coal makes steel.”

MCPA represents over 5,800 coal miners at 43 mines in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia. MCPA’s producing members mined over 24 million tons of metallurgical coal in 2020, or 43% of the nation’s total production. To learn more about Robindale visit:


About MCPA

The Metallurgical Coal Producers Association is a non-profit trade organization made up of metallurgical coal producers in Appalachia and those who support our producing members’ operations. The five coal producers are: Alpha Metallurgical Resources (formerly Contura Energy)., Coronado Coal LLC, United Coal Company LLC (a subsidiary of Metinvest Group), Ramaco Resources, Inc., and Robindale Energy. Its mission is to advance the opportunities of the metallurgical coal industry through advocacy, education, and outreach. Learn more at


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