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About Us

The Future of Coal is Changing

The Metallurgical Coal Producers Association will usher in a new perspective on the identity and future of the coal industry.

While coal has traditionally been understood through the thermal coal lens of power plants and light bulbs, we seek to expand the general public’s understanding of metallurgical (met) coal and its critical benefit to our everyday lives.  Bridges, automobiles, and common products like kitchen appliances are made possible by metallurgical coal.  By looking at coal through another lens and helping to create a link between metallurgical coal and its many end uses, we hope to broaden the understanding of how coal powers our lives.  That is the reason for the new association – to usher in a new perspective of our future. 

Our Emphasis is on Metallurgical Coal

The Metallurgical Coal Producers Association will focus its advocacy efforts on issues specifically related to metallurgical coal production, which reflects the shift that has occurred with its members and their operating strategies.

The six producing members who started this effort have all shifted their operations away from the production of thermal coal, which is used to generate electricity, and more toward metallurgical coal, which is used to make steel.  Prior to this organization’s establishment, there was no association or group focused solely on metallurgical coal.  While the MPCA members remain committed to working with our industry friends in advancing the good of the entire coal industry—both thermal and metallurgical alike—we see value in creating an outlet to focus directly on issues related to metallurgical coal production and advocating for the future that reflects the collective direction of the founding producers’ operational philosophy.  

Our Region is Our Collective Strength

The new association will leverage the collective strengths of our region.

Focusing on metallurgical coal production was only one reason for the creation of the association.  We also wanted to focus on our regional presence and combine forces to advance our collective interests.  The Metallurgical Coal Producers Association was created out of the Virginia Coal and Energy Alliance, given a new name, and expanded into West Virginia.  As our membership grows, our regional presence will reflect the expanded enterprise of our participating companies.  Our producers have a large operational footprint in Central Appalachia and, therefore, this association will promote and seek to expand the opportunities we have here.


Bob Cline, Chairman (Vice President, Business Development/Engineering, Coronado Global Resources)

J.P. Richardson, Vice-Chairman (VP, United Coal Company LLC, a subsidiary of Metinvest)

Chris Blanchard, Treasurer (COO, Ramaco Resources, Inc.)

Roger Nicholson, Secretary (EVP and General Counsel, Alpha Metallurgical Resources)

Scott Kroh, Member-at-large (CEO, Robindale Energy)

David Stetson, Immediate Past Chair (CEO and Chairman of the Board, Alpha Metallurgical Resources)

Jesse Parish, At-Large Board Member (CEO, Blackhawk Mining)



Ben Beakes,

President and WV Government Affairs 


Clark Lewis, Government Affairs – Virginia


Barbara Altizer, Executive Director of Education and Outreach


Brooks Smith, Environmental Affairs – Virginia and West Virginia

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